Do’s and Don’ts of IELTS Reading Test

Achieving the high score in IELTS reading test is a major challenge that most IELTS candidates tend to win over. The IELTS reading test is specifically designed to analyze the reading skills of the candidate whether he is able to get the main ideas of the reading passage or draw the inferences from the passage, understand the meaning implied, note down the attitude and opinion of the writer, and several other things within 60 minutes.

do_s and don_ts of ielts reading test
                                                        Do’s and Don’t IELTS Reading Test

On asking the students taking IELTS Training in Delhi about what bogs the IELTS candidate the most, it comes to the notice that as no extra time is provided for writing the answers, the candidates find it tough to score well because most of the time goes only in comprehending the reading passage.

So, below we have noted some do’s and don’ts in reading test of IELTS exam that expert teachers in Seek Academy, the top-notch IELTS institute recommend:

  1. According to the IELTS teachers who provide, the most common and silly mistakes that the candidate makes in IELTS exam is skipping the instructions. Thinking to be same all the time, the students do not bother to read them carefully and therefore miss on understanding the questions.
  2. A candidate should first look for important things in reading passages such as titles, headings, dates, facts, figures, and graphs. By noting these, one can add value to the answers.
  3. One must learn the art of time management, which is exclusively taught at the IELTS Coaching in West Delhi like Seek Academy. It is important for the candidates to focus on timing; they should not spend too much time or too less time on a single reading passage or question.
  4. Reading without any purpose is a common pitfall that becomes the reason for the failure of many IELTS candidates. So, one should have a purpose, that is, to find out the answer to a particular question while reading. This saves a lot of time as one need not go back to reading again and again for finding the answer in the text.
  5. One should also keep the word count of the answer in check. If the question clearly mentions the number of words to be contained in the answer, exceeding the length of the answer does not increase the overall score. On the contrary, it would waste the much crucial time of the candidate.

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How to do paragraph re-order in PTE

In PTE test, reorder paragraph is the most important task. In this test you will be given 5 paragraphs not in the right order, you have to re-arrange the paragraph in right order. This question has the highest weight age of marks as compared to all other questions. We provide the best tips and strategies to solve this task within time and more accurately.

Seek Academy Best PTE training in Delhi, provides computer-based practice tests so that students can become more PTE online exam friendly. Our exclusive tips and tricks make the students score high marks in PTE.

PTE Training
                                                           PTE Training in Delhi

Tips for re-order paragraph

  • Read the 5 paragraphs thoroughly
  • Understand the text
  • How to find Introduction sentence.
  • Follow Seek Academy structure to do the task accurately.
  • Make links between sentences that occur together.

Our USP’s:

  • Provides individual attention
  • Improves typing speed
  • Enhances fluency and pronunciation
  • Tips for developing vocabulary

Seek Academy provides the best PTE Training in Delhi and sufficient sample question papers to solve. As PTE is a computer-based test, we make our students practice on the computer. I hope this blog is useful for you.