A Quick Guide to PTE Exam Preparation

When it comes to cracking the Pearson Test of English or PTE exam, there is no other choice available for the candidate than doubling his/her efforts in the preparation for the exam. The fluency of the English language and in-depth knowledge of the language system may not always help in successfully clearing the exam or scoring high if their preparation is not up to the mark. This is the reason why PTE coaching in Delhi is gaining huge popularity amongst the PTE candidates.

A Quick Guide to PTE Exam Preparation
                                                   A Quick Guide to PTE Exam Preparation

According to the trainers at the Seek Academy, the quality of preparation is directly proportional to the performance in the final PTE exam.

But, How to prepare for the exam? How to sort out the vast study material? What are the weaknesses and strengths? These are some of the questions that Seek Academy, a leading PTE Institute in Delhi, encounter on daily basis. And, all these questions are best answered in the coaching classes by expert and experience PTE trainers.

The candidates who want to get the ultimate success in the exam join the best PTE Training Institute in Delhi in hope of scoring high in the exam, yet not all of them are able to achieve this goal. The reason is joining PTE training alone would not help. One must follow some of the best result-driven strategies as suggested by PTE trainers and study according to the plan prepared by them. So, let’s look at the smart strategies that ensure PTE success with a high score.

A majority of the candidates fail to get even an average score in the speaking module due to poor fluency and intonation. Therefore, fluency in English language and the intonation of sound while speaking are the most important areas where a PTE candidate must dedicatedly work on.

The trainers at Seek Academy suggest that candidates should avoid taking long or frequent pauses during the speech. Get comfortable with the English language, which means, you should speak English naturally and not exaggeratedly. This will surely increase the score in reading module.

Writing module is another roadblock for PTE candidates as not many people are competent at using complex and compound sentences in a correct manner. To work out this problem, there is only one mantra: practice, practice, and a lot more practice. Also, the PTE experts at Seek Academy right point out that the typographic errors that often go unnoticed by the test-takers are considered as spelling error by the computer. So, candidates should also focus on improving their typing skills.

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Tips to Score High in PTE Speaking Test

If you’re planning to appear in PTE Academic test, you must know some tricks and tips to clear the most difficult part of it- speaking test. During the PTE test, your speaking skills are assessed on your ability to speak English in a more fluent and native-like accent. Even though your written and spoken English might be super perfect, speaking in British accent can be a tough row to hoe.

  1. Just before your microphone starts, you get approximately 30-35 seconds that you can utilize in going through the text. But, how you utilize this time is important. Instead of reading the complete text all in one go (which is impossible for you to do in as less than 30s), better you spot the punctuations in between and then break the text accordingly. Whenever there is punctuation, take a pause and then read carefully.

    Tips to Score High in PTE Exam
                                   Tips to Score in PTE Exam – Seek Academy
  2. Speaking break less and breathlessly does not mean you are competitive in spoken English. In many institutes offering PTE Coaching in Delhi, special attention is paid to the students’ ability to deliver a powerful and persuasive speech. And, this is what is checked during the speaking test. You have to take a pause whenever needed and use intonation to emphasize so as to interact with the listeners seamlessly. The rhythm, stress, and intonation carry a high weight during the speaking test.
  3. To speak English in a native-like manner, you must pronounce the words correctly and an understandable way. Now, this is tough for ESL people but that’s where you have to improve. As the teachers of Seek Academy rightly say, students think to focus on the exaggerated sounds while speaking makes it sound British accent. On the contrary, the native-like accent can be brought to the speech by stressing on vowels and consonants only. To know what kind of stress is needed and where, you should listen to the English songs, movies, and the interviews on BBC or any other platform.

So, we have brought to you some simple, easy, and result-driven strategies straight from the desk of expert teachers at Seek Academy that will help you prepare for PTE speaking & writing tests.

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Basic Format of PTE Academic

PTE Academic provides a quick snapshot of the English proficiency of the test takers. With PTE Academic students receive an overall, students get to know overall English scores which include the subtest of enabling skills and communicative skills. Seek Academy provides PTE Coaching in Delhi to the students which include intensive training practice.

With PTE Academic the student could see:-

  • Overall score
  • Speaking Score
  • Reading Score Writing score
  • Listening Score
  • Writing Score
  • Grammar score
  • Fluency Score
  • Vocabulary Score
  • Spelling Score
  • Written Discourse Score

PTE is graded as per the Global scale of English. Students receive an overall assessment on this scale which receives an accurate assessment of the English Language. The Translator provides the scoring accurately considering the native language influence and ignoring the flaws of the candidate’s native accents influence.

PTE Academic

PTE Academic is using an automated scoring system to give the scores. The Automated Scoring system is using the complex algorithms which are tested on the data of 10,000 candidates with over 120 native languages.

Thousands of mock and practice test are there to help the candidate to score understand and learn better .PTE is an absolutely automated system which enables a candidate to perform up to the mark and SCORE THE REQUIRED AND DESIRED POINTS EFFORTLESSLY.

There are particularly 20 types of questions on the basis of those questions the four skills are assessed these are Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. PTE is basically an integrated skill system which assesses a person’s skills in two modules, one is enabling skills and the other is communicative skills.

PTE module provides the scope to the candidates who apply for PR or the study visa and are capable to work in Australia and study either in Canada or Australia.

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How to Crack PTE Academic?

While getting ready for PTE Academic test, a well understood spoken content is an inquiry which for the most part brings apprehension in the mind of candidates. One must consider that your empowering aptitudes of sentence structure spelling and vocabulary would be surveyed. Along these lines, one must check the sentence structure tenses and relevance of the words.

Seek Academy gives serious preparing to IELTS and PTE on weekdays and holidays from morning to night and with the exceptionally outlined material for both the preparation, by our group of master mentors. We guarantee the coveted outcomes in your first endeavor.

One must correctly construct the sentence structure and spell the words accurately. Re-check the accentuation and try to utilize the right capital letters.

Various decisive questions need deliberate thoughts to reply. Note down the descriptive words, verbs and important points in the text. Then the appropriate response is identified with this expression.


Talking – Repeat sentences is an expression while tuning in to sentences. One must ensure the correct sound on the chronicle.

By these lines, you can get the importance and at the meaning of talks smoothly and in a reasonable voice emphasizing the pressure and sound.

Forgetting a great score on the test, pick an article of around 250-300 words. Understand the article rapidly and record the catchphrases in the content.

Build up your Vocabulary: Understand beyond any doubt you know about numerous words frequently utilized as a part of composing. Knowing broad vocabulary is the key with regards to prevailing on a perusing test this way. In the event that you just know few words that imply you are far from the critical data. The best tip is to take a shot at your vocabulary now and comprehend the text legitimately.

Pay uncommon spotlight on the equivalent words. Endeavor to learn 5 to 10 words every day to have a better comprehension of the words. Learn difficult words and practice them in sentences.

Additional Reading tips-

Practice questions:

While honing questions ensure that you are doing it with an evaluator who can assess your present score and help you to redesign your level wisely.

Just utilize rehearse tests to evaluate your level. There is no reason for honing similar inquiries again and again. Endeavor to comprehend the expertise you are deficient in and focus on training that makes you more efficient.

Seek Academy is the best PTE institute in Delhi with a sense of quality coaching which gives your desired score on the first attempt.

I Hope you found these PTE Academic tips valuable.

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How to do paragraph re-order in PTE

In PTE test, reorder paragraph is the most important task. In this test you will be given 5 paragraphs not in the right order, you have to re-arrange the paragraph in right order. This question has the highest weight age of marks as compared to all other questions. We provide the best tips and strategies to solve this task within time and more accurately.

Seek Academy Best PTE training in Delhi, provides computer-based practice tests so that students can become more PTE online exam friendly. Our exclusive tips and tricks make the students score high marks in PTE.

PTE Training
                                                           PTE Training in Delhi

Tips for re-order paragraph

  • Read the 5 paragraphs thoroughly
  • Understand the text
  • How to find Introduction sentence.
  • Follow Seek Academy structure to do the task accurately.
  • Make links between sentences that occur together.

Our USP’s:

  • Provides individual attention
  • Improves typing speed
  • Enhances fluency and pronunciation
  • Tips for developing vocabulary

Seek Academy provides the best PTE Training in Delhi and sufficient sample question papers to solve. As PTE is a computer-based test, we make our students practice on the computer. I hope this blog is useful for you.