Do’s and Don’ts of IELTS Reading Test

Achieving the high score in IELTS reading test is a major challenge that most IELTS candidates tend to win over. The IELTS reading test is specifically designed to analyze the reading skills of the candidate whether he is able to get the main ideas of the reading passage or draw the inferences from the passage, understand the meaning implied, note down the attitude and opinion of the writer, and several other things within 60 minutes.

do_s and don_ts of ielts reading test
                                                        Do’s and Don’t IELTS Reading Test

On asking the students taking IELTS Training in Delhi about what bogs the IELTS candidate the most, it comes to the notice that as no extra time is provided for writing the answers, the candidates find it tough to score well because most of the time goes only in comprehending the reading passage.

So, below we have noted some do’s and don’ts in reading test of IELTS exam that expert teachers in Seek Academy, the top-notch IELTS institute recommend:

  1. According to the IELTS teachers who provide, the most common and silly mistakes that the candidate makes in IELTS exam is skipping the instructions. Thinking to be same all the time, the students do not bother to read them carefully and therefore miss on understanding the questions.
  2. A candidate should first look for important things in reading passages such as titles, headings, dates, facts, figures, and graphs. By noting these, one can add value to the answers.
  3. One must learn the art of time management, which is exclusively taught at the IELTS Coaching in West Delhi like Seek Academy. It is important for the candidates to focus on timing; they should not spend too much time or too less time on a single reading passage or question.
  4. Reading without any purpose is a common pitfall that becomes the reason for the failure of many IELTS candidates. So, one should have a purpose, that is, to find out the answer to a particular question while reading. This saves a lot of time as one need not go back to reading again and again for finding the answer in the text.
  5. One should also keep the word count of the answer in check. If the question clearly mentions the number of words to be contained in the answer, exceeding the length of the answer does not increase the overall score. On the contrary, it would waste the much crucial time of the candidate.

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Tips to Score High in PTE Speaking Test

If you’re planning to appear in PTE Academic test, you must know some tricks and tips to clear the most difficult part of it- speaking test. During the PTE test, your speaking skills are assessed on your ability to speak English in a more fluent and native-like accent. Even though your written and spoken English might be super perfect, speaking in British accent can be a tough row to hoe.

  1. Just before your microphone starts, you get approximately 30-35 seconds that you can utilize in going through the text. But, how you utilize this time is important. Instead of reading the complete text all in one go (which is impossible for you to do in as less than 30s), better you spot the punctuations in between and then break the text accordingly. Whenever there is punctuation, take a pause and then read carefully.

    Tips to Score High in PTE Exam
                                   Tips to Score in PTE Exam – Seek Academy
  2. Speaking break less and breathlessly does not mean you are competitive in spoken English. In many institutes offering PTE Coaching in Delhi, special attention is paid to the students’ ability to deliver a powerful and persuasive speech. And, this is what is checked during the speaking test. You have to take a pause whenever needed and use intonation to emphasize so as to interact with the listeners seamlessly. The rhythm, stress, and intonation carry a high weight during the speaking test.
  3. To speak English in a native-like manner, you must pronounce the words correctly and an understandable way. Now, this is tough for ESL people but that’s where you have to improve. As the teachers of Seek Academy rightly say, students think to focus on the exaggerated sounds while speaking makes it sound British accent. On the contrary, the native-like accent can be brought to the speech by stressing on vowels and consonants only. To know what kind of stress is needed and where, you should listen to the English songs, movies, and the interviews on BBC or any other platform.

So, we have brought to you some simple, easy, and result-driven strategies straight from the desk of expert teachers at Seek Academy that will help you prepare for PTE speaking & writing tests.

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OET writing classes to prepare for your exam

When you are passionate about having a career in Australia in healthcare and you are possessing excellent professional skills but struggling to clear OET exam. In that case, you could approach Seek Academy for the best OET training in Delhi which would enable you to get a job in Australia or New Zealand. Can your skills be transferable?

The answer is yes, but it’s not that quite simple.

One has to clear the OET exam to go for the healthcare profile who wants to visit the English speaking countries. The best way to prepare for the test is to be good at your writing skills. So, one must have a good writing component. It’s always advisable to take formal OET sessions from the best training institute offering the best and flexible time classes online and offline. Seek Academy is one of the best OET Coaching in Delhi offering group and individual classes catering to the individual needs.

OET Writing Exam
                                                  OET Writing Exam: Seek Academy

OET classes and training began quite a long time back and the training provided helps the candidates to have a profession in the countries like Australia and New Zealand. When you attend the classes at Seek Academy you learn how to write a quality medical referral without making grammatical errors or using the jargons. It helps the candidates to understand the format appropriately and writing a letter without making mistakes that are spelling errors must be avoided and one must be well accustomed with the technique of summarizing and paraphrasing the case notes. These skills would definitely provide you an edge to score a good grade in your test. These skills would be even perfect to understand the practicality of the profession and would be useful for your future requirements also.

For the best training for OET writing, you can contact Seek Academy which helps you to enable to clear and score the desired grades in your exam. Seek Academy is looking forward to helping you to make your dream job come true for you soon.

For a high-quality OET writing class that will provide you with real skills, contact OET Online today. We’re looking forward to helping you qualify for your dream job so that you can bring your valuable skills to the English-speaking world.

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