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IELTS Listening Tips
                                                         IELTS LISTENING TIPS

Below are the few tips and tricks shared by the experts of the Best IELTS Institute in Delhi:

Write down the answer as you listen and transfer the answer at the end of the test.

Do not worry if you did not hear some words. Don’t lose attention as you will only hear the audio once.

Remember only correctly written answers will gain points. So it is important to check spellings and plurals.

Transfer your answers accurately. Sometimes students get confused with numerations.

Don’t leave any blank answer. You won’t be negatively marked for an incorrect answer. So even if you don’t know the answer, it is better to write something. Read the question and make a guess.

Make sure you follow the instructions carefully. ‘No more than three words’ means if your answer is four words, it will be incorrect.

Focus on getting the easy questions correct first before worrying about the more difficult questions.

If you have messy handwriting then write all answers in capital letters.

Concentration is key in the listening test. You need to practice active listening to improve your concentration level.

Prediction is another key to scoring well in IELTS listening test. It enables you not to focus on any other area apart from the area you want to hear. This makes it much easier to get the correct answer.

Make sure you know the general address format of countries like UK and Australia.

Make sure you know the spellings of all the days in a week and months of a year. Also if you don’t put capital letters at the beginning of these words you will be incorrect.

Seek Academy is the Best IELTS Coaching in Delhi and caters to the student’s needs by designing the curriculum and schedule in a way that suits the individual requirements.

The above tips will be helpful to fetch good scores in IELTS exam. All the best!

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Tips for writing task 1 Academic module

You have to write a summary at least 150 words with some graphs, pie charts or process. You should also manage time during a test. Seek Academy is providing IELTS test preparation. You need to prepare yourself to clear this test.

Task 1 in writing comprises of an explanation of any of these four. It could be a table description, pie chart, bar graph or a diagram. Task one must be completed in 20 minutes. The word limit for this is 150. The candidate is assessed on the ability to organize present and possibly compare the data, describe the stages of a process etc.

Task 1 requires specific vocabulary to be incorporated while giving any explanation. The candidate must familiarize with the vocabulary especially with adjectives and adverbs to make your writing understandable. Including adjectives and adverbs would beautify your sentences but do make sure to add a range of words using synonyms and antonyms and abstain from repeating the words. The observation of the information must include the main idea only as we must express within the word limit and stipulated time. Each and every detail is not required to be included while writing the task 1.

Writing task 1
                                                        IELTS Writing task-1

Task one carries 25% of the weight age of the overall writing task. It is easy to score well in this task as everything is predefined and we just have to express our understanding of the picture indicating only the essential points. The specific word range helps a candidate to have a good command of the writing skills. One must have that collection of words to be skillful in presenting the information given in the chart, bar graph, pie chart or a table description.

I hope, now you are very familiar with IELTS writing task 1 procedure. And our academy is one of the best IELTS Institute in Delhi. You should visit our place or just contact our experts. You will definitely get solutions to your query.

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How to get a high score on Task 2 of IELTS

IELTS is an English proficiency test. It asses the English language skill of the candidates by tour modules Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing skills. These are different modules for that.

Now, we must know what our brand target score is and what level of preparation is required to achieve that.

We are one of the most popular institutes of IELTS training. Seek Academy is the growing education industry. You must visit our place.

Aiming to score higher in IELTS is undoubtedly quite challenging but it depends on the individual’s skill. There are certain people with good language familiarity and command. So, they can score well without any problem. Challenges are for people with a low or weak level of language skills and to enhance language skills.

IELTS Institute: Seek Academy

Writing task:  IELTS requires precious in writing of the candidate. There are certain parameters which a candidate must be aware of:-

  • Grammar: There should not be any grammatical error in the sentence. Writing error-free sentences wouldn’t make you score 7 bands. There are certainly more expectations in terms of sentence structure. One must be able to write complex sentences and passive voice sentences. Good sentences structure enables one to score the maximum bands.
  • Lexical Resources: In the essay, one must incorporate appropriate vocabulary that should be based on the topic given. One is not supposed to repeat the words which related one passage to another in the essay make your essay more impressive.
  • Coherence and Cohesive devices: How well you plan and organize your essay matters a lot. Using words which relate one passage to another in the essay makes your essay more impressive.
  • Take Response: This parameter reflects how well you have understood the question and how you are answering the question. Knowing the difference between title heading and question asked would help you to organize your ideas effectively.  


The best institute for IELTS in Delhi: Seek Academy

India is growing day by day so don’t you want to grow yourself with highly international English and international culture. So we will let you know the track of success path in your dreams and you will be able to achieve your goals. Apart from student reviews, Delhi based IELTS coaching institutes have been ranked on various other factors which include good-infrastructure, highly experience IELTS trainers, a limited number of students in a batch, our past results, our teaching methodology quality, great course material etc.

Our institute is the best institute for IELTS in Delhi. So if you are looking for an IELTS coaching center in Delhi then you do not need to go through this list comprising the top IELTS institutes in Delhi. Our IELTS institute has been mentioned the best institute for IELTS in Delhi considering results, quality of training classes and the fee structure. Feel free to go through the list and you will understand that our institute is the best that suits your requirements.

We provide the complete learning through all the four skills, which are listening, reading, writing and speaking.

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is the most popular and widely recognized assessment test of English Language proficiency for people who want to study or work in an English-speaking country like UK, Australia, Canada, and the USA etc. The IELTS exam is joint, managed and administered by ‘ The University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL)’, ‘British Council’ and ‘IDP: IELTS Australia’.

The IELTS test was introduced in the year 1989 to assess “whether candidates are ready to be trained in the medium of English in an English-speaking country”. IELTS is now accepted as an evidence of a prospective student’s level of English by most universities in English speaking countries.  IELTS is the most popular high stakes English language proficiency test around the globe and more than 2.5 million candidates take part in the IELTS examination each year on an average.

IELTS test is available in two formats – Academic and General Training.

» Academic Module is suitable for those who are going to apply for further studies and professional registration.

» General Training Module is appropriate for those who are going to English-speaking countries to complete work experience and training programs or for immigration purposes.

» You need to decide which module you are required to take and sit for the appropriate IELTS exam.

We at seek academy assure the students to attend result oriented and focused IELTS Training by our British council trained faculty members.

Our flexible batch timings cater all the candidates need. We have specially designed training module and teaching aids to provide the best and focused training sessions. That is the reason our institute is the best institute for IELTS in Delhi.

Course Duration: In our institute, the student can choose the duration of his course. Seek Academy counselors guide students for an appropriate duration based on the band requirement after analyzing their English basics. This is the reason which makes our institute as the best institute for IELTS in Delhi.

The students come from various places like south Delhi, east Delhi, and north Delhi also since we provide the specific training assistance applicable to each student to get desired results. Intensive training sessions using effective training aids ensure the best output.

Another reason why our institute is the best institute for IELTS in Delhi is we assist students in grammar as well, if you feel that you are lacking in grammar skills anywhere then our trainers will provide you that assistance also. Mock tests are conducted every week to assess the progress level of each student.

Our results and training methodology justify our fee structure. Our fee structure is reasonable and flexibility in batch timings is given to suit individual requirements.

Learn the things from your mistakes. This is fundamental to learn any language. You are going to make mistakes, that isn’t the problem though but the problem is if you are making the mistakes every time. What you need to do is to correct them – frequently this does not happen if people focus on the quantity, not quality. How can you correct your errors?

Our teachers will let you know where you are going wrong with your language and will make a checklist of your mistakes and then correct them.

With your skills, if you do an exercise badly, do it again. We take your test. Correct it. We give you the answers. See what the correct answer is. We take the test again. It doesn’t matter that it is not exam conditions. You will be learning it again. It makes our institute is the best institute for IELTS in Delhi.

We also provide audios clips, video clips, and e-books.

We have a spacious and well-organized infrastructure. The best part is that we provide flexible timings for the classes and even vacation classes as well. So keep your dreams ticking.

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One week IELTS study schedule: Seek Academy

Students who are professional hardly find enough time to schedule their training sessions and before a week they tend to get panicked when they are left still unprepared to take the test .our advice is not to get panicked just focus on certain things and manage your time smartly to score what you want to in the band score requirement.

First of all, manage to prepare certain study goals and try to work towards achieving them. Plan your routine and try to understand your strength and weakness before working on that. Prepare all the skills daily so that you don’t miss out on a particular activity and scoreless in that.

There are certain essential items required to work out the schedule perfectly. The authentic Cambridge material which is required to practice the previous paper and which is helpful to understand the pattern in a complete manner.

Get oriented first. Seek academy main objective first is to be oriented and be familiar with the pattern of the test. Watch many videos practice many sample papers and try to develop a habit of organizing yourself.

Practice each module and try to assess your strength and weakness. We must work towards achieving an aim and this would definitely help us to score the desired results and also arrange IELTS for weekends.

Focus on writing and reading,

Our main target must be the difficult skills and these skills are Writing and reading. Writing skill is quite challenging for us and it requires a lot of vocabulary knowledge and sound grammar to express one’s opinion and thoughts. Reading tests has to enemies to combat and these are time management and accuracy which one must understand well and start working accordingly.

Target listening and speaking test now

Listening and speaking test includes a very good accent familiarity in listening and for speaking test fluency in the language must be there. A natural user of this language can make it possible very easily without facing any trouble.

Well, planned weekend classes for IELTS module can make it possible for anyone to score the desired bands.

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Study in Abroad with IELTS

Now a day’s world is developing so fast in terms of Technology, culture, innovation, and Education as well. Seek Academy focuses on turning the dream of study abroad into a reality. Our knowledgeable and professionally skilled team provides all the services from processing your application till your visa and pre-departure. We help the candidates and guide them that what country is suitable for them, what course will help them to build their career abroad and how they can get scholarships etc.

Parents always dream of giving the best education to their child and we help them to turn their dream into reality by helping the students to settle abroad and get the best education. Studying abroad is a life-changing experience for the students. They get an opportunity to see a different country, new culture, become adaptable to changes and get one golden chance to make their future well settled.

Studying aboard not helps the student in terms of the settlement but also introduces them to the new way of learning and studying. In India where education more of the theoretical part but in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe education is more of practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Students not only learn from books but they also practically perform it which helps them to learn more easily and studies don’t become monotonous. Students get a chance to meet people coming from different backgrounds and different cultures which give them an experience of multi-cultural diversity.

Students, who study abroad need to be very clear about what they want to study and why they want to study abroad? If students are clear about their choices it will help them to achieve their target easily. Some decide to study abroad to gain professional experience, get international exposure, some want to travel while they are studying and much more. So there shall be always a positive motive if you want to study abroad.

In order to choose the best course and best country for yourself, always consult an academic advisor. You can plan your with your academic advisor to a life-changing decision and an experienced academic advisor will not only give you correct advice but will also tell you what course will help you to achieve your short term and long term goals. Seek Academy has vast knowledge and experience which helps the student to settle abroad easily.

In order to settle abroad, while you are studying there you may follow some minor things and it will make your life easier.

  1. Attend your college/university regularly.
  2. Follow rule and regulations laid by the government of the country for international students.
  3. Spend your money wisely when you are studying abroad and you should try to save it as this can be helpful for you in travelling and exploring your surroundings.
  4. Don’t get tempted from your surrounding as this may distract you from achieving your goals and you may end up spending extra.
  5. Complete your studies with good marks so that in case you plan to settle abroad, this will help you.

When you will start studying in a country where you preferred does not mean that you will be just taking classes in some other country it will include many other aspects like new classmates, new teachers, new methods of teaching etc. You will get an opportunity to open up your mind and think on larger scale as you will be meeting people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds.

Study abroad will help the students to get internal exposure which help them to build their self confidence. In order to study abroad candidate must appear in IELTS or PTE exam (as per the requirement). There are many countries which also provide option without IELTS but in that case student must have good command over English language as he may face interview from the embassy or college/university.

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Once the student will decide to go abroad and study, after that he/she may decide to come back to his own country. Value of foreign education will always be a star on the resume of any candidate. Study abroad will always be counted as an experience which can never be forgotten and will always be a reason to make an individual a positive person in his life, if he/she takes the opportunity in correct manner and take advantage of it, as much as possible and use it in the perfect way he will definitely come out with the flying colors.

Difference between IELTS general and academic

IELTS test has two module training. Academic and General test. Academic IELTS test is for people those who go for education in different countries and IELTS general is meant for people looking out for the job opportunities abroad. IELTS general and academic both assess the four modules writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. There is a difference between the two tests these are writing and reading test pattern.

The listening test consists of 40 questions and these questions are based on certain passages which the candidate has to listen and answer while listening to the audio. The listening test is easy for those having familiarity with the accent and can follow the pace.

A listening test requires the focus which one must develop while practicing the tests. Seek Academy provides ample of material for listening test practice sessions.

Reading test consists of 40 questions where the candidate has to answer these questions from the passage by locating the correct information from the passage and then transfer all these answers in the answer sheet. Reading test requires a good reading speed and at Seek academy,  students can learn the skill of skimming and scanning and perform well at the task.the level of test given for the academic preparations is different from the general students. The academic test level is more difficult but if your 30 answers are correct you score 7 bands in academic reading and for 34 correct answers in general test you score 7 bands.

Speaking test is similar to both the modules .this is an interview conducted for 11 to 14 minutes and there are three parts in this test. Speaking test is not challenging for a natural user of this language.

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Writing task module for both the modules are different. In Academic module, task-1 is a bar graph, line graph, a table or can be a chart. The general test writing task 1 is a letter and must be written in 150 words. The task-2 is an essay and the word limit is 250 words. For both the modules the task remains the same but the difficulty level is different.

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