Basic Format of PTE Academic

PTE Academic provides a quick snapshot of the English proficiency of the test takers. With PTE Academic students receive an overall, students get to know overall English scores which include the subtest of enabling skills and communicative skills. Seek Academy provides PTE Coaching in Delhi to the students which include intensive training practice.

With PTE Academic the student could see:-

  • Overall score
  • Speaking Score
  • Reading Score Writing score
  • Listening Score
  • Writing Score
  • Grammar score
  • Fluency Score
  • Vocabulary Score
  • Spelling Score
  • Written Discourse Score

PTE is graded as per the Global scale of English. Students receive an overall assessment on this scale which receives an accurate assessment of the English Language. The Translator provides the scoring accurately considering the native language influence and ignoring the flaws of the candidate’s native accents influence.

PTE Academic

PTE Academic is using an automated scoring system to give the scores. The Automated Scoring system is using the complex algorithms which are tested on the data of 10,000 candidates with over 120 native languages.

Thousands of mock and practice test are there to help the candidate to score understand and learn better .PTE is an absolutely automated system which enables a candidate to perform up to the mark and SCORE THE REQUIRED AND DESIRED POINTS EFFORTLESSLY.

There are particularly 20 types of questions on the basis of those questions the four skills are assessed these are Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. PTE is basically an integrated skill system which assesses a person’s skills in two modules, one is enabling skills and the other is communicative skills.

PTE module provides the scope to the candidates who apply for PR or the study visa and are capable to work in Australia and study either in Canada or Australia.

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A word – “Run” has many interesting meanings

Have you ever thought that a simple word, Run, in the English language can be used how many times?

You might find it unbelievable but this simple 3 letters word can be used to indicate few hundred meanings. Now, this is quite Interesting.

Seek Academy, being the Best English Coaching in Delhi, can run you through the complete process and help you to acquire many more such interesting use of words.

Understanding and describing all the meanings of this word can be challenging, so readers here, in this article you can find as to how we can use this one-word ‘Run’in many different ways with examples.

 1.   Run = move at a speed faster than walk

Example: My friend runs very fast.

2.   Run = an actor spell of running (as a noun)

Example: I usually go for a run in the evening.

3.    Run after = To chase

Example: Do not run after marks, run after knowledge.

 4.    Run the numbers = perform calculations

Example: I am good at running numbers.

5.    Run amok = behave uncontrollably

Example: During the fun session, all the students started running amok.

6.     Run = Cost

Example: The treatment can run him a huge bill.

7.     Run out = out of stock

Example: We have run out of milk at home.

 8.     Long Run = Time duration

Example: You will succeed in the long run.

9.      Run with = to proceed with

Example: We need to run with this idea as soon as possible.

 10.     Run (one) through= to stab someone completely through the body.

 Example: She tried to catch the thief but he ran her through with a huge knife.

 11.    Running late: Later than planned

Example: We are running late for the meeting.

12.    Run on = continue without stopping

Example: The same news ran for weeks.

13.    Dry run = Practice session to find out possible errors

Example: I always go for a dry run before the presentation.

14.    On the run = Running from place to place

Example: I will think about it on the run.

Readers of these are some of the examples wherein this word run may be used. There are few hundred ways this word can be suitably used. So next time you hear this word, give special attention to the context because the meaning of this word can be changed as per the context. Run has different meanings as noun, verb, an adjective.

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Seek Academy strives for success and also advises the students to select and secure admissions in the universities of their choice. We assist them throughout the application process and offer a full range of support services.

IELTS Listening Tips
                                                         IELTS LISTENING TIPS

Below are the few tips and tricks shared by the experts of the Best IELTS Institute in Delhi:

Write down the answer as you listen and transfer the answer at the end of the test.

Do not worry if you did not hear some words. Don’t lose attention as you will only hear the audio once.

Remember only correctly written answers will gain points. So it is important to check spellings and plurals.

Transfer your answers accurately. Sometimes students get confused with numerations.

Don’t leave any blank answer. You won’t be negatively marked for an incorrect answer. So even if you don’t know the answer, it is better to write something. Read the question and make a guess.

Make sure you follow the instructions carefully. ‘No more than three words’ means if your answer is four words, it will be incorrect.

Focus on getting the easy questions correct first before worrying about the more difficult questions.

If you have messy handwriting then write all answers in capital letters.

Concentration is key in the listening test. You need to practice active listening to improve your concentration level.

Prediction is another key to scoring well in IELTS listening test. It enables you not to focus on any other area apart from the area you want to hear. This makes it much easier to get the correct answer.

Make sure you know the general address format of countries like UK and Australia.

Make sure you know the spellings of all the days in a week and months of a year. Also if you don’t put capital letters at the beginning of these words you will be incorrect.

Seek Academy is the Best IELTS Coaching in Delhi and caters to the student’s needs by designing the curriculum and schedule in a way that suits the individual requirements.

The above tips will be helpful to fetch good scores in IELTS exam. All the best!

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OET writing classes to prepare for your exam

When you are passionate about having a career in Australia in healthcare and you are possessing excellent professional skills but struggling to clear OET exam. In that case, you could approach Seek Academy for the best OET training in Delhi which would enable you to get a job in Australia or New Zealand. Can your skills be transferable?

The answer is yes, but it’s not that quite simple.

One has to clear the OET exam to go for the healthcare profile who wants to visit the English speaking countries. The best way to prepare for the test is to be good at your writing skills. So, one must have a good writing component. It’s always advisable to take formal OET sessions from the best training institute offering the best and flexible time classes online and offline. Seek Academy is one of the best OET Coaching in Delhi offering group and individual classes catering to the individual needs.

OET Writing Exam
                                                  OET Writing Exam: Seek Academy

OET classes and training began quite a long time back and the training provided helps the candidates to have a profession in the countries like Australia and New Zealand. When you attend the classes at Seek Academy you learn how to write a quality medical referral without making grammatical errors or using the jargons. It helps the candidates to understand the format appropriately and writing a letter without making mistakes that are spelling errors must be avoided and one must be well accustomed with the technique of summarizing and paraphrasing the case notes. These skills would definitely provide you an edge to score a good grade in your test. These skills would be even perfect to understand the practicality of the profession and would be useful for your future requirements also.

For the best training for OET writing, you can contact Seek Academy which helps you to enable to clear and score the desired grades in your exam. Seek Academy is looking forward to helping you to make your dream job come true for you soon.

For a high-quality OET writing class that will provide you with real skills, contact OET Online today. We’re looking forward to helping you qualify for your dream job so that you can bring your valuable skills to the English-speaking world.

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How can I improve my English vocabulary?

Today nobody can deny the importance of English language which helps you to bridge the gap between your career and your dreams. Seek academy, being the Best English speaking Institute in Delhi provides you proper guidance not only regarding learning English language but also to gain fluency over this language.

A lot of people feel, we know what to say but while speaking we fall short of words.

How to improve English Vocabulary

So, my lovely readers today I am going to share easy and simple tricks to increase your vocabulary treasure. So, next time when you speak in English you will not fall short on your Lexical Resources.

  • Short forms are your Foes:

Yes, readers, this is the first and the foremost thing we need to remember. Refrain from using short forms like Can’t, aren’t, don’t…etc…

Because it gives an informal touch to your writing and is not appropriate for Business writing.

  • Read as much as you can:

If you want to expand your vocabulary treasure, try to read as much as possible.

As it is said:

“The more that you read,

The more things you will know.

The more that you learn,

The more places you will go.”

Read everything that you see in English be it a novel, a storybook, an article or newspaper for that matter. Reading will give you an exposure to new words and start jotting down those words for practical usage.

  • Dictionary is your best friend:

Now after we have listed words start looking for their meanings to understand its usage. After that, try to use those words in your daily conversation. Start looking for the words you do not recognize.  Also, try to learn and understand one new word every day to increase your vocabulary.

  • Games & Puzzles:

Do you love games and puzzles?

That is amazing. Games and puzzles can prove to be really helpful in building your word bank. It is the best of a source for increasing vocabulary because the puzzle creators often assemble uncommon words to make the game interesting and challenging. There are a variety of puzzles and crosswords available that one can use to cater his/her requirements.

  • Write :

At this stage now we have a list of words along with their meanings. So start using those words while writing articles, speech or anything for that matter. But, make sure to use the new words practically. This way you will not have to cram the words and you will understand the practical usage.

So, readers always look forward to gaining knowledge and increase your vocabulary by choosing the best way that works for you.

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Importance of Spoken English

All of us are well aware that Speaking English has become the global trend today. It is no more the language of administration only. Whether you want to become a Doctor, a teacher or choose any career option for that matter, you are supposed to be well versed in this language.

Nowadays, it is not only considered necessary for a good career but it has become a status symbol. In order to attain that Social status and enable you to achieve your career goals, you need expert guidance. Seek Academy, provides the Best Spoken English Classes in Delhi has come to enlighten you.

Today it has acquired the status of official language in most of the countries. English is one of the most spoken languages almost all over the world. SO, here in this article, we are going to understand, what is the importance of speaking English?

Importance of English

The official language

All of us understand this very well that English is a language of business. Whether you want to start your own setup or looking for a suitable job as per your profile. You have to equip yourself with this language in order to grow. There are over 80 countries where English is declared as the official language including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, India, Nigeria and many more.

So, readers where would you want to go?

Enhances Personality

Who does not like an elegant, a well groomed and a confident appearance?

English is a language that can help you to achieve that. Whether it is a business meeting, a business party or an informal meeting for that matter, nobody likes to talk to a person who does not have a pleasant personality.

As we know English is a language which is accepted worldwide. If you are acquainted with the tool of this language, it will enable you to express your thoughts and your confidence will automatically boost up.

So readers, be ready to come in the Good Books of your Bosses with the Efficient work and Effective communication skills.

When in Rome do as the Romans do

Very well said!! A lot of people have a curiosity to learn different traditions, cultures, and languages. But here the question arises that how to explore different cultures of different countries. There has to be a common language to communicate with the Natives of a particular country in order to understand their diverse culture, rituals, and traditions.

Here comes the English to your prevention. As the research says that there are more than 80 English speaking countries in the world.

SO, learn English and let the door of knowledge be open for you.

Are you a Social Butterfly:

Yes! I am a Social Butterfly.

I love to socialize. But, I often get confused what to write on my timeline? Why it has to be in English only???

I guess you have got my point till now. Yes, my dear readers, English Is the language of the internet.

In case you want to Google something or rock your Facebook or Twitter account. It is always in English. So, set your goals and start learning English.

Admissions open:

I want my daughter to enroll in the best Convent School.

Yes! Here I got the list. Oh no! I also have to appear for the interview. What if, it is in English?

How would I handle that? I am very nervous.

This is the question in the mind of every Parent who wants his/her child to study in the best school. So, if you do not want to face the same issue. Make sure you realize the importance of this language and familiarize yourself with this language. Come let’s join hands with Seek Academy, is the Best English Speaking Institute in Delhi.

So, in the end, I would advise you to realize the significance of this language. And, what are you waiting for now, grab a book and begin your journey towards the bright future.

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Tips for writing task 1 Academic module

You have to write a summary at least 150 words with some graphs, pie charts or process. You should also manage time during a test. Seek Academy is providing IELTS test preparation. You need to prepare yourself to clear this test.

Task 1 in writing comprises of an explanation of any of these four. It could be a table description, pie chart, bar graph or a diagram. Task one must be completed in 20 minutes. The word limit for this is 150. The candidate is assessed on the ability to organize present and possibly compare the data, describe the stages of a process etc.

Task 1 requires specific vocabulary to be incorporated while giving any explanation. The candidate must familiarize with the vocabulary especially with adjectives and adverbs to make your writing understandable. Including adjectives and adverbs would beautify your sentences but do make sure to add a range of words using synonyms and antonyms and abstain from repeating the words. The observation of the information must include the main idea only as we must express within the word limit and stipulated time. Each and every detail is not required to be included while writing the task 1.

Writing task 1
                                                        IELTS Writing task-1

Task one carries 25% of the weight age of the overall writing task. It is easy to score well in this task as everything is predefined and we just have to express our understanding of the picture indicating only the essential points. The specific word range helps a candidate to have a good command of the writing skills. One must have that collection of words to be skillful in presenting the information given in the chart, bar graph, pie chart or a table description.

I hope, now you are very familiar with IELTS writing task 1 procedure. And our academy is one of the best IELTS Institute in Delhi. You should visit our place or just contact our experts. You will definitely get solutions to your query.

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