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IELTS Listening Tips
                                                         IELTS LISTENING TIPS

Below are the few tips and tricks shared by the experts of the Best IELTS Institute in Delhi:

Write down the answer as you listen and transfer the answer at the end of the test.

Do not worry if you did not hear some words. Don’t lose attention as you will only hear the audio once.

Remember only correctly written answers will gain points. So it is important to check spellings and plurals.

Transfer your answers accurately. Sometimes students get confused with numerations.

Don’t leave any blank answer. You won’t be negatively marked for an incorrect answer. So even if you don’t know the answer, it is better to write something. Read the question and make a guess.

Make sure you follow the instructions carefully. ‘No more than three words’ means if your answer is four words, it will be incorrect.

Focus on getting the easy questions correct first before worrying about the more difficult questions.

If you have messy handwriting then write all answers in capital letters.

Concentration is key in the listening test. You need to practice active listening to improve your concentration level.

Prediction is another key to scoring well in IELTS listening test. It enables you not to focus on any other area apart from the area you want to hear. This makes it much easier to get the correct answer.

Make sure you know the general address format of countries like UK and Australia.

Make sure you know the spellings of all the days in a week and months of a year. Also if you don’t put capital letters at the beginning of these words you will be incorrect.

Seek Academy is the Best IELTS Coaching in Delhi and caters to the student’s needs by designing the curriculum and schedule in a way that suits the individual requirements.

The above tips will be helpful to fetch good scores in IELTS exam. All the best!

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