A word – “Run” has many interesting meanings

Have you ever thought that a simple word, Run, in the English language can be used how many times?

You might find it unbelievable but this simple 3 letters word can be used to indicate few hundred meanings. Now, this is quite Interesting.

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Understanding and describing all the meanings of this word can be challenging, so readers here, in this article you can find as to how we can use this one-word ‘Run’in many different ways with examples.

 1.   Run = move at a speed faster than walk

Example: My friend runs very fast.

2.   Run = an actor spell of running (as a noun)

Example: I usually go for a run in the evening.

3.    Run after = To chase

Example: Do not run after marks, run after knowledge.

 4.    Run the numbers = perform calculations

Example: I am good at running numbers.

5.    Run amok = behave uncontrollably

Example: During the fun session, all the students started running amok.

6.     Run = Cost

Example: The treatment can run him a huge bill.

7.     Run out = out of stock

Example: We have run out of milk at home.

 8.     Long Run = Time duration

Example: You will succeed in the long run.

9.      Run with = to proceed with

Example: We need to run with this idea as soon as possible.

 10.     Run (one) through= to stab someone completely through the body.

 Example: She tried to catch the thief but he ran her through with a huge knife.

 11.    Running late: Later than planned

Example: We are running late for the meeting.

12.    Run on = continue without stopping

Example: The same news ran for weeks.

13.    Dry run = Practice session to find out possible errors

Example: I always go for a dry run before the presentation.

14.    On the run = Running from place to place

Example: I will think about it on the run.

Readers of these are some of the examples wherein this word run may be used. There are few hundred ways this word can be suitably used. So next time you hear this word, give special attention to the context because the meaning of this word can be changed as per the context. Run has different meanings as noun, verb, an adjective.

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