A word – “Run” has many interesting meanings

Have you ever thought that a simple word, Run, in the English language can be used how many times?

You might find it unbelievable but this simple 3 letters word can be used to indicate few hundred meanings. Now, this is quite Interesting.

Seek Academy, being the Best English Coaching in Delhi, can run you through the complete process and help you to acquire many more such interesting use of words.

Understanding and describing all the meanings of this word can be challenging, so readers here, in this article you can find as to how we can use this one-word ‘Run’in many different ways with examples.

 1.   Run = move at a speed faster than walk

Example: My friend runs very fast.

2.   Run = an actor spell of running (as a noun)

Example: I usually go for a run in the evening.

3.    Run after = To chase

Example: Do not run after marks, run after knowledge.

 4.    Run the numbers = perform calculations

Example: I am good at running numbers.

5.    Run amok = behave uncontrollably

Example: During the fun session, all the students started running amok.

6.     Run = Cost

Example: The treatment can run him a huge bill.

7.     Run out = out of stock

Example: We have run out of milk at home.

 8.     Long Run = Time duration

Example: You will succeed in the long run.

9.      Run with = to proceed with

Example: We need to run with this idea as soon as possible.

 10.     Run (one) through= to stab someone completely through the body.

 Example: She tried to catch the thief but he ran her through with a huge knife.

 11.    Running late: Later than planned

Example: We are running late for the meeting.

12.    Run on = continue without stopping

Example: The same news ran for weeks.

13.    Dry run = Practice session to find out possible errors

Example: I always go for a dry run before the presentation.

14.    On the run = Running from place to place

Example: I will think about it on the run.

Readers of these are some of the examples wherein this word run may be used. There are few hundred ways this word can be suitably used. So next time you hear this word, give special attention to the context because the meaning of this word can be changed as per the context. Run has different meanings as noun, verb, an adjective.

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How can I improve my English vocabulary?

Today nobody can deny the importance of English language which helps you to bridge the gap between your career and your dreams. Seek academy, being the Best English speaking Institute in Delhi provides you proper guidance not only regarding learning English language but also to gain fluency over this language.

A lot of people feel, we know what to say but while speaking we fall short of words.

How to improve English Vocabulary

So, my lovely readers today I am going to share easy and simple tricks to increase your vocabulary treasure. So, next time when you speak in English you will not fall short on your Lexical Resources.

  • Short forms are your Foes:

Yes, readers, this is the first and the foremost thing we need to remember. Refrain from using short forms like Can’t, aren’t, don’t…etc…

Because it gives an informal touch to your writing and is not appropriate for Business writing.

  • Read as much as you can:

If you want to expand your vocabulary treasure, try to read as much as possible.

As it is said:

“The more that you read,

The more things you will know.

The more that you learn,

The more places you will go.”

Read everything that you see in English be it a novel, a storybook, an article or newspaper for that matter. Reading will give you an exposure to new words and start jotting down those words for practical usage.

  • Dictionary is your best friend:

Now after we have listed words start looking for their meanings to understand its usage. After that, try to use those words in your daily conversation. Start looking for the words you do not recognize.  Also, try to learn and understand one new word every day to increase your vocabulary.

  • Games & Puzzles:

Do you love games and puzzles?

That is amazing. Games and puzzles can prove to be really helpful in building your word bank. It is the best of a source for increasing vocabulary because the puzzle creators often assemble uncommon words to make the game interesting and challenging. There are a variety of puzzles and crosswords available that one can use to cater his/her requirements.

  • Write :

At this stage now we have a list of words along with their meanings. So start using those words while writing articles, speech or anything for that matter. But, make sure to use the new words practically. This way you will not have to cram the words and you will understand the practical usage.

So, readers always look forward to gaining knowledge and increase your vocabulary by choosing the best way that works for you.

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Importance of Spoken English

All of us are well aware that Speaking English has become the global trend today. It is no more the language of administration only. Whether you want to become a Doctor, a teacher or choose any career option for that matter, you are supposed to be well versed in this language.

Nowadays, it is not only considered necessary for a good career but it has become a status symbol. In order to attain that Social status and enable you to achieve your career goals, you need expert guidance. Seek Academy, provides the Best Spoken English Classes in Delhi has come to enlighten you.

Today it has acquired the status of official language in most of the countries. English is one of the most spoken languages almost all over the world. SO, here in this article, we are going to understand, what is the importance of speaking English?

Importance of English

The official language

All of us understand this very well that English is a language of business. Whether you want to start your own setup or looking for a suitable job as per your profile. You have to equip yourself with this language in order to grow. There are over 80 countries where English is declared as the official language including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, India, Nigeria and many more.

So, readers where would you want to go?

Enhances Personality

Who does not like an elegant, a well groomed and a confident appearance?

English is a language that can help you to achieve that. Whether it is a business meeting, a business party or an informal meeting for that matter, nobody likes to talk to a person who does not have a pleasant personality.

As we know English is a language which is accepted worldwide. If you are acquainted with the tool of this language, it will enable you to express your thoughts and your confidence will automatically boost up.

So readers, be ready to come in the Good Books of your Bosses with the Efficient work and Effective communication skills.

When in Rome do as the Romans do

Very well said!! A lot of people have a curiosity to learn different traditions, cultures, and languages. But here the question arises that how to explore different cultures of different countries. There has to be a common language to communicate with the Natives of a particular country in order to understand their diverse culture, rituals, and traditions.

Here comes the English to your prevention. As the research says that there are more than 80 English speaking countries in the world.

SO, learn English and let the door of knowledge be open for you.

Are you a Social Butterfly:

Yes! I am a Social Butterfly.

I love to socialize. But, I often get confused what to write on my timeline? Why it has to be in English only???

I guess you have got my point till now. Yes, my dear readers, English Is the language of the internet.

In case you want to Google something or rock your Facebook or Twitter account. It is always in English. So, set your goals and start learning English.

Admissions open:

I want my daughter to enroll in the best Convent School.

Yes! Here I got the list. Oh no! I also have to appear for the interview. What if, it is in English?

How would I handle that? I am very nervous.

This is the question in the mind of every Parent who wants his/her child to study in the best school. So, if you do not want to face the same issue. Make sure you realize the importance of this language and familiarize yourself with this language. Come let’s join hands with Seek Academy, is the Best English Speaking Institute in Delhi.

So, in the end, I would advise you to realize the significance of this language. And, what are you waiting for now, grab a book and begin your journey towards the bright future.

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How to think in English?

Translating from your regional language to English is not at all advisable. To be an expert in the English language one must start thinking in English only but that at times could be challenging for many. We at Seek Academy train our students to start thinking in English and one first must know why it is important to think in English only.

Why it is important to think in English only?

Whenever one communicates the person tends to think before starting verbal or the written communication. Generally, it is observed that the people communicate in English but the sentence structure they use often appears to be the translated sentence structure which helps an individual to convey what he wants to but that might sound a bit inappropriate in that particular language. There are many reasons as to why one user thinks in English only before speaking.

Think in English
                                                              How to Think in English

Thinking in English can help you think more clearly:

We can be more focused if we think in the language we want to communicate in. So if you are focused definitely the language you would be using to communicate would be apt and people will get the appropriate meaning without any confusion. It is possible to think more by thinking more clearly and make sure that your thoughts are in the language in which you want to communicate. As that would is the effective communication skill which you would be developing by only making a change in your thought process.

Thinking in English can definitely help you to improve your English skills:

You must have faced embarrassing situation by stopping in between somewhere in your conversation when you are not able to recall the word you are supposed to use. But it doesn’t happen if we think in English. It’s quite easy to find the right words if these are already in front of your mind. And needless to say, if you can think in English you can write also in the same effortlessly.

Our institute is the Best English Speaking Institute in Delhi. Please come to our institute and get more information about courses.

How to Speak English Clearly?

Do you still feel nervous about speaking English to others even though you’ve spent a long time studying English? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Just like you, many people who are learning English don’t practice speaking as often as they want to because they’re afraid they will make a mistake or be laughed at.

Don’t worry – even native English speakers sometimes make mistakes, and nobody will laugh at you.

To communicate your ideas accurately it is very important to speak clearly and effectively. You will need to slow down your speech, enunciate each syllable and practice your diction.

Many people are interested in Spoken English Classes Because the English are the widely speaking language around the world.

People around you will give you various tips to speak English clearly. They will suggest you keep it simple, listen to yourself using a voice recorder, practice in front of a mirror, open your mouth bigger or practice with your friends or family.

Seek Academy is the place where you can easily learn how to speak or write English. We are located in Tilak Nagar, Delhi.

Now I will suggest you some points to keep in mind to speak English clearly. I hope these are helpful.

  • Take a deep breath: Calm down and take a deep breath. Do not just dive into your speech. Distill your thoughts and take time to center yourself and proceed.
  • Articulate your words: Pronounce each syllable individually. Take it very slowly and gradually speed up.
  • Practice in front of a mirror or when you are alone.
  • You need to practice more in order to master the difficult words.
  • Pausing also work, as it allows the other person you are speaking to, to digest all of the words you have said.
  • Try to break up your thoughts into chunks and speak. Avoid speaking in run-on-sentences.
  • Expand your vocabulary by reading more books, articles, essays, and things that fascinate you.
  • Keep a list of powerful and useful words.
  • Think before you speak. Take a moment to think through your ideas and clarify them in your mind.
  • Practice saying tongue twisters
  • Repeat the phrases over and over. If you trip over words, stop and start again. With determined practice, you can conquer difficult syllables.
  • Be confident in your speech. Don’t be afraid of speaking loudly and clearly. Reciting anything like poems, articles or books is a great way to gain confidence.

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Language Classes for English: Seek Academy

Good communication skills are very essential in today’s competitive world. These skills are must for our career growth and English is the preferred language in the corporate world. To build a successful career we should have a strong command of English. Most of us find it difficult to choose the best Spoken English training institute in Delhi. Though there are numerous of Spoken English institutes in Delhi, however, it is very important to enroll yourself in a reputed one.

Seek Academy is considered as the best Spoken English training institute in Delhi. It is the best place for anyone who really wants to improve speaking skills in English. If you wish to master the speaking skills you can opt for Spoken English classes in Seek Academy. These courses are available for beginners to advanced level. People who are keen to enhance their personality can opt for a combo course of Spoken English and Personality development.

It also has special English classes for e-mail writing and presentation skills. Spoken English course from Seek Academy gives you an edge over others and makes you aware of the global English standards.

There are various courses offered here, like Elementary English, Advanced English, Effective Communication Skills, Personality development, e-mail writing and many more.

The institute has a set principle to deliver some of the finest courses in Spoken English as it believes that everyone has an individual needs and that is the reason they also offer some customizable courses.

The courses are designed in a way to enhance the confidence level and thereby making the students ready to face the corporate world.

We believe in up-to-date training approach and follow the innovative method of teaching.

Seek Academy offers the flexible class timings and fully-customized courses. We believe in lots of practice sessions and mock tests, which makes it as the language classes for English.

We are committed to excellence in preparing our students to give their best potential in Spoken English courses. Here we also offer special classes for weak students, free demo classes, voice and accent training and interview preparation classes.

Our highly professional faculty members are always ready to support the students and solve their queries. The courses here let the students know their relative standing and their strong & weak points; which will, in turn, help them to prepare accordingly. Our dedicated and passionate trainers train with the proficiency that provides professional guidance too.

We provide e-library facility; industry-based training module and the hefty amount of reference books for the students.

With an effective logistic support and well-qualified staff members Seek Academy will be your first choice. Intensive training modules are strictly incorporated into all the courses. In-depth, training is provided by highly trained and qualified trained professionals.

Detailed classroom sessions and comprehensive training process with easy learning method are followed by the trainers here. Overall grooming sessions are conducted for all the students and frequent assessments are taken to evaluate the students carefully.

Seek Academy is a leading spoken English tutorial. It offers a wide range of Spoken English courses for beginners and working professionals. A modern approach and well-trained staff constantly improve the communication skills of the students. This innovative approach and fortified results make it Best English speaking institute in West Delhi.

If you are serious about learning English and eliminating the fear of public speaking then there is no other better place than Seek Academy in Delhi.

Seek Academy believes in unique teaching method and small batches. The interactive learning environment makes this approach unique.

It is the best place to learn English from the scratch. It offers the substantial training programs in communication skills, body language, and public speaking. Therefore, Seek Academy trains the student to speak English fluently and groom their personality at the same time.

The advantages of joining this institute are that it offers to speak and writing with group discussions, practice sessions, mock test, role-plays and accent training to the students. They know that they have to train the humans, not robots; that is the reason they provide flexible pieces of training to the students.

The study material is prepared by well-qualified and experienced trainers. Weekly grammar tests are conducted to evaluate the students closely. Assignments are also given for practice to improve their level of learning at home.

Strict discipline is maintained in the Spoken English classes and premises to make the learning-friendly environment in the institute.

Special classes are conducted by the experts to clear the doubts of the students.

Seek Academy conducts lots of workshops and competitions to enhance the speaking skills of the learners.

Here the students are encouraged to take part in conversations, group discussions, role plays and debates to know where they stand.

Students are also encouraged to take online classes by the expert team in case they are planning for any leaves during the course duration. They can also access the study material through our website; this material is freely available with the help of their mobiles or laptops.

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Best Spoken English classes in West Delhi

Seek Academy is a well-known institute for Spoken English in New Delhi. We provide training in an efficient manner. The module consists of vocabulary, idioms, functional grammar and pronunciation. The communication skills include writing skills, reading skills, listening skills and speaking skills; which are essential to improve your language skills.

Seek Academy provides quality training for Spoken English and Public Speaking. We are known for small batch size and gives individual attention to our students. We also provide flexibility in terms of timings and batch.

Our team consists of passionate and dedicated educators to provide the most stable learning platform for our students. We guarantee to deliver the high-quality training with our modern training aids. Don’t let Spoken English as a hindrance in your career. Just equip yourself with fluent English communication skills by joining our Spoken English Institute in New Delhi.

These high-quality English courses are fully customizable as per the student’s needs. We encourage the students here to talk in English as much as possible. Learn English for your workplace and for everyday living.

Modern training aids, well-equipped infrastructure, and motivated trainers encourage our students for learning faster. All age group students are welcome here and we offer evening and weekend classes to homemakers and professionals.

The sessions include from functional grammar to vocabulary; i.e. A to Z of Spoken English, which makes these classes unique in the city.Writing, reading, and listening are the skills which you can practice alone but how can you practice speaking English without anyone else helping you? So your answer is Seek Academy- your guide for practicing speaking English. Different tips and tricks are shared time to time to enhance this skill.

Writing, reading, and listening are the skills which you can practice alone but how can you practice speaking English without anyone else helping you? So your answer is Seek Academy- your guide for practicing speaking English. Different tips and tricks are shared time to time to enhance this skill.

Try to think in English when you are thinking about yourself or thinking about your day to day activities. The more you think in English, the more comfortable you will get with this language.

We have introduced an exciting new speaking skills course. Our Spoken English courses are available at various levels and are designed to develop your speaking, listening and pronunciation skills. These courses are essential in an effective communication in social and professional situations. Also, will develop your confidence in using English through various conversation activities, public speaking, extempore, interview skills and group discussions.

The infrastructure is praiseworthy and well-organized. Forget about the big institutes, if you are serious about learning English, then Seek Academy is the right option for you. It is well connected with public transport and very near to metro station.

The course aims at building confidence and helps in getting rid of hesitation. Speech and presentation activities help one to overcome anxiety and nervousness. The activities are based on practical and real-life examples, which include day to day conversation art, reading newspapers and stories, which makes this is the best spoken English class in Delhi.

The module is customized as per the student’s requirements. The standard module consists of Functional Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, E-mail writing, Expressions & phrases used in English, Storytelling, role plays and paragraph writing.

The faculty members provide real-life examples in the classes to make the students understand the concept in a better way. The classes are based on activities which make the sessions more lively and interesting.

These are the best Spoken English classes in West Delhi NCR as these classes are the combination of all the different age groups. These classes are perfect for all age groups as the module is designed in such a manner that it gives an equal opportunity to all the students to express their viewpoints.

Small batches and individual attention make Seek Academy different from other institutes. There are special batches for homemakers and professionals. We teach for results, not for hours. The various aspects of Grammar, Vocabulary, and Communication skills are covered throughout the course.

Students are always encouraged to interact in English and various sessions are based on the importance of English. They are encouraged to develop an English speaking environment around them that gives them a proper exposure. Watching English News channels, English movies, reading English newspapers and listening to English songs are few techniques to improve your spoken language.

Lots of audio exercises are conducted in the classes and teach you how to pronounce English sounds. While listening to a recording, you are required to repeat the words to understand vowel and consonant sounds. It also teaches you natural intonation and rhythm.

Apart from all the bookish knowledge, concepts are made clear with practical examples. There are various activities conducted in the class, which are free speeches, role plays, group discussions and conversation activities.

Students are always encouraged to interact in English and various sessions are based on the importance of English. They are encouraged to develop an English speaking environment around them that gives them a proper exposure. Watching English News channels, English movies, reading English newspapers and listening to English songs are few techniques to improve your spoken language.

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