Study in UK

The United Kingdom also known as Britain is a sovereign country and it is made up of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The capital of The United Kingdom is London. The United Kingdom is a popular destination for international students due to many reasons example education quality, top colleges and universities, welcoming atmosphere, job opportunities, research infrastructure and many more. English is the official language of The UK and is widely spoke all over and few other languages are also spoken like Irish, Welsh etc.

Study in UK

Everybody in the world is aware of the education system of British which is really impressive in terms of everything. Students who choose The United Kingdom as their study destination can take their decision as one of the best decision. As education from the United Kingdom is accepted all over the world and it has really high standards. Quality of education is really great and student who passes from the colleges and universities of The UK are eligible to work or settle anywhere around the world.

Popular courses in The United Kingdom are:

  • Nursing
  • Business
  • Law
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering and many more

During your education, there are many options for part-time work, internship or placement during your vacations, in this way students are able to gain work experience as well while studying. Every year number of students comes to the United Kingdom. This helps you to see the multi-cultured society, meet different people from different places and different backgrounds which will teach you how to adjust to a different atmosphere and excel in everything-personally and academically both. Education system there is so refined and of good quality that students get more employment options after studying at universities and college of the UK.

Top Universities and Colleges:

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College of London
  • University of Manchester
  • Newcastle University
  • Durham University and many more.

As we all know that official language of the United Kingdom is English, all the courses are available in English. It is a benefit for students coming from different parts of the world as they can pursue their education without any language barrier. Few favorite cities of students in the UK are Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Oxford, Liverpool etc. Students who love to explore their surrounding while their studies the UK is the best place for them.

Students who Study in UK have many good opportunities; they can settle there or come back to India and work there. Candidate can choose any option and employers also prefer those candidates who have a foreign degree or experience and as we know degree and experience from the UK will always be shining as a star on your resume.

While Studying in UK students can take part in many activities join any social clubs which will help them to know the culture more and make new friends. Before choosing the UK as your study destination finalize in which city you want to study see all the aspects of that place. Then finalize the university and courses and you can also consult some education advisor like Seek Academy, Who can give you more details about the place and course which you should study. You education advisor will also explain you about the rule and regulations which you need to follow for getting your visa done.


Why study in Germany?

There are many options to study abroad but these days Europe is also becoming a new favorite destination for international students. Europe has a glorious history, stunning architecture, variety of languages etc. Students can choose to Study in Germany, because of Germany is one of the tops and favorite destinations in Europe. It is a western European country and Berlin is the capital of Germany. Let’s discuss few reasons to choose Germany as the study destination.

Germany has offered diplomas, Bachelor degree, Master degree and Ph.D. as well. In many of the universities, the German language is the mandatory module for all the international students. In the year 2014 16 states of Germany decided to abolish the fee for undergraduate students at all the public German universities. Both international students and domestic students can study at public universities in Germany for free; they just need to pay the small amount every semester to cover up the administration cost and other costs.

Education from German universities have global acceptance and German university degrees are highly respected by employers all over the world. German universities are well known for its high-quality teaching, research work, and high ranking. German universities impart theoretical and practical knowledge which helps the students to adapt the things more easily. The wide range of courses is offered in Germany and is also practice-oriented.

There is a course which is available in the English language. Students who don’t want to do their course in the German language they can also study in English and side by side they can learn the German language which will help them in the long run or if they are looking for a part-time job while studying. After completing the education in Germany it allows international students to stay back for 18 months and search job for themselves. This helps the international students to stay back legally if they wish to and they might end up staying for a longer period if they are able to find the suitable job for themselves.

Few popular courses in German are Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Business Management, Math and Computer Science. Numerous scholarships are available for international and local students who choose to study in Germany. As we know that German universities charges very low fees this can be helpful for international students to manage their living expenses in Germany with more ease. If we compare to other countries Germany has low living cost and it also gives the option to the international students that they can work part-time during that studies in Germany.

Some world famous brands come from Germany like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Adidas, Bosch, Nivea, Puma and many more. This shows that Germany has the rich culture, glorious history, outstanding education system and multitudinous opportunities.

While choosing your education consultant being in your hometown there are few things candidates can take care of. Try to choose the best consultant available to you and a person who has full-fledged knowledge of Germany. Consultant shall be aware of universities what course you should choose, admission criteria, visa requirements. Seek Academy is one of the leading forms which helps the candidate for studying migrating abroad.

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Study in Abroad with IELTS

Now a day’s world is developing so fast in terms of Technology, culture, innovation, and Education as well. Seek Academy focuses on turning the dream of study abroad into a reality. Our knowledgeable and professionally skilled team provides all the services from processing your application till your visa and pre-departure. We help the candidates and guide them that what country is suitable for them, what course will help them to build their career abroad and how they can get scholarships etc.

Parents always dream of giving the best education to their child and we help them to turn their dream into reality by helping the students to settle abroad and get the best education. Studying abroad is a life-changing experience for the students. They get an opportunity to see a different country, new culture, become adaptable to changes and get one golden chance to make their future well settled.

Studying aboard not helps the student in terms of the settlement but also introduces them to the new way of learning and studying. In India where education more of the theoretical part but in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe education is more of practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Students not only learn from books but they also practically perform it which helps them to learn more easily and studies don’t become monotonous. Students get a chance to meet people coming from different backgrounds and different cultures which give them an experience of multi-cultural diversity.

Students, who study abroad need to be very clear about what they want to study and why they want to study abroad? If students are clear about their choices it will help them to achieve their target easily. Some decide to study abroad to gain professional experience, get international exposure, some want to travel while they are studying and much more. So there shall be always a positive motive if you want to study abroad.

In order to choose the best course and best country for yourself, always consult an academic advisor. You can plan your with your academic advisor to a life-changing decision and an experienced academic advisor will not only give you correct advice but will also tell you what course will help you to achieve your short term and long term goals. Seek Academy has vast knowledge and experience which helps the student to settle abroad easily.

In order to settle abroad, while you are studying there you may follow some minor things and it will make your life easier.

  1. Attend your college/university regularly.
  2. Follow rule and regulations laid by the government of the country for international students.
  3. Spend your money wisely when you are studying abroad and you should try to save it as this can be helpful for you in travelling and exploring your surroundings.
  4. Don’t get tempted from your surrounding as this may distract you from achieving your goals and you may end up spending extra.
  5. Complete your studies with good marks so that in case you plan to settle abroad, this will help you.

When you will start studying in a country where you preferred does not mean that you will be just taking classes in some other country it will include many other aspects like new classmates, new teachers, new methods of teaching etc. You will get an opportunity to open up your mind and think on larger scale as you will be meeting people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds.

Study abroad will help the students to get internal exposure which help them to build their self confidence. In order to study abroad candidate must appear in IELTS or PTE exam (as per the requirement). There are many countries which also provide option without IELTS but in that case student must have good command over English language as he may face interview from the embassy or college/university.

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Once the student will decide to go abroad and study, after that he/she may decide to come back to his own country. Value of foreign education will always be a star on the resume of any candidate. Study abroad will always be counted as an experience which can never be forgotten and will always be a reason to make an individual a positive person in his life, if he/she takes the opportunity in correct manner and take advantage of it, as much as possible and use it in the perfect way he will definitely come out with the flying colors.