Difference between IELTS general and academic

IELTS test has two module training. Academic and General test. Academic IELTS test is for people those who go for education in different countries and IELTS general is meant for people looking out for the job opportunities abroad. IELTS general and academic both assess the four modules writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. There is a difference between the two tests these are writing and reading test pattern.

The listening test consists of 40 questions and these questions are based on certain passages which the candidate has to listen and answer while listening to the audio. The listening test is easy for those having familiarity with the accent and can follow the pace.

A listening test requires the focus which one must develop while practicing the tests. Seek Academy provides ample of material for listening test practice sessions.

Reading test consists of 40 questions where the candidate has to answer these questions from the passage by locating the correct information from the passage and then transfer all these answers in the answer sheet. Reading test requires a good reading speed and at Seek academy,  students can learn the skill of skimming and scanning and perform well at the task.the level of test given for the academic preparations is different from the general students. The academic test level is more difficult but if your 30 answers are correct you score 7 bands in academic reading and for 34 correct answers in general test you score 7 bands.

Speaking test is similar to both the modules .this is an interview conducted for 11 to 14 minutes and there are three parts in this test. Speaking test is not challenging for a natural user of this language.

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Writing task module for both the modules are different. In Academic module, task-1 is a bar graph, line graph, a table or can be a chart. The general test writing task 1 is a letter and must be written in 150 words. The task-2 is an essay and the word limit is 250 words. For both the modules the task remains the same but the difficulty level is different.

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