How to improve vocabulary for writing task 2

One of the major parameter to assess the writing task of the candidate is lexical resources. The vocabulary of the candidates must be exceptionally well to score a higher band in the writing task 2.There are certain requirements which one has to cater to score good bands in IELTS writing task 2.

Use of synonyms: The words usually verbs adjectives and adverbs must not be repeated. The word which is used once should not be used again and the candidate must try to use the other option of that word to avoid repetition. The candidate must be well accustomed with the usage of the synonyms but appropriate placement is required to be done to avoid any meaningless expressions. For instance, if the word rigid is already used in the question so the candidate is not expected to repeat it .the synonyms of this word must be looked out for. Like obstinate, adamant, stubborn etc.

Topic appropriate vocabulary: There are varieties of topics asked in the IELTS writing task 2 and candidate at times fail to understand the topic-specific vocabulary. If one encounters such a situation it would be challenging for that person to write on the topic and give the relevant task response. So at the time of preparing for the task 2, the candidate must be familiar with the topic based vocabulary. For example, crime based vocabulary as the death penalty and capital punishment would be the similar terms but a candidate must know the vocabulary to understand the question too. Seek academy is the best IELTS coaching in West Delhi.

A range of words: when a candidate wants to score 7 above that means he wants to be in a category of a good user of this language. So a good user can differentiate the usage of same words in different manners like the same word as a noun, verb adjective or as an adverb. For example rigid, rigidity, rigidness etc.

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